About Venture

We provide ambitious founders with capital, customers, and competence. Our only mission is to build successful companies.

We possess the ultimate ecosystem for commercializing tech ventures. Our strong track record within sustainable Energy, Applied AI, Smart City and Digital Entrepreneurship is a perfect match for new ventures seeking exponential growth.

Fast track to success

Our Venture building process is a perfect setup for reducing investment and execution risk and increasing the value of your business. We give founders access to our innovation platform to explore the potential and possibilities for their products or services. We have created a unique environment for building the next big thing in collaboration with top talent and risk seeking capital.

Boost – We accelerate and invest in startups.

Connect – We match ventures, investors and corporations.

Meet – We host major industry events monthly.

Focus areas

Sustainable Energy

Renewable energy, Energy system, Energy distribution, Energy storage, Energy markets, Energy efficiency

Applied AI

IoT, Cyber security, Big Data, Machine Learning, Neural networks

Smart Cities

Innovation Management, Design Thinking, end-user involvement, cooperation model QH, Change and Strategy Management and SDG for sustainable society and industrial development in the cities’ and communities’ development areas and infrastructures.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital transformation. New sustainable economy (circular, sharing, servitization, data-driven)

Sustainable Energy – Providing founders access to world class competence within the industry

Applied AI – Join Norway’s leading AI Cluster

Smart City – Connect with Norway’s biggest Smart City ecosystem

Digital Entrepreneurship – Disrupt your industry

Check out our membership to explore your options to become a part of Norway’s leading incubator.