Resultat av : E-LAND

E-LAND: Four energy islands – one goal

Publisert : 16. desember 2020

The innovation of EU Horizon 2020 project E-LAND in Societal, Technological, and Business framework.

Key performance indicators for investment planning in multi-vector energy systems

Publisert : 7. desember 2020

The concept of sector coupling promises to provide flexibility for rising renewable shares. A strong metric is needed to determine the viability and economic feasibility of different sector coupled energy systems.

Impact Challenges 2020: “The students demonstrated a strong ability to think out-of-the-box”

Publisert : 12. november 2020

In the end of October, Smart Innovation Norway was part of Impact Challenges for sustainable energy, where young energy students and professionals were given a challenge to find sustainable business models connected to the pilot sites of the Horizon 2020 E-LAND project.

Meet our new researchers Xiaomei and Alemu

Publisert : 7. august 2019

During the summer months, Smart Innovation Norway has been enriched with two new senior researchers, both with highly relevant PhD’s and both with backgrounds from NTNU in Trondheim.

Halden-based companies collaborate in large EU project

Publisert : 28. juni 2019

The Institute for Energy technology (IFE) and Smart Innovation Norway are both based in the small town of Halden in Norway. In E-LAND, they have teamed up and together they strive to develop sustainable energy solutions in Europe.

Behavioral Scientist visits E-LAND pilot sites

Publisert : 14. mai 2019

For EU project E-LAND to develop the best solutions for each pilot and their specific stakeholders and end-users, Work Package 2 leader Thomas Mikkelsen and Behavioral Scientist Bonnie Murphy travel to each site to get to know the different players and their needs.