Celine Berggreen-Clausen

Senior Advisor Smart Cities & Communities

Celine Berggreen-Clausen holds a BSc in Economic Geography from University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, and has conducted master studies in Urban Geography and Geographical Information Systems at University of Copenhagen and Lund University. She wrote her thesis on sustainability as a factor of economic growth attraction.

Formerly, Celine held the role of working group leader and representative in the Digital Transition Partnership within the Urban Agenda for the EU, working to provide improved public services to citizens, to support European cities in exploiting the possibilities of digitalisation, and to assist European businesses to develop new innovations and create new business opportunities for global markets.

Before joining Smart Innovation Norway, Celine led the smart city and digital transformation initiatives for the City of Malmoe and the City of Helsingborg in Sweden. Her main areas of expertise are digitalisation, partnerships and policy development for sustainable communities and sharing economies. Conducted closely with international and national stakeholders, industry, academia and civil society, this work has been rewarded with the Special Achievement in GIS Award (Esri Inc.), Open Knowledge Award (Open Knowledge Foundation) and has been published in ICT journals.

At her current position as Senior Advisor, Celine will be involved in Norwegian Smart City programs. The main goal is to initiate and deliver innovation projects focusing on energy efficiency, digitalisation, sustainability and Smart City and Community development in close cooperation with municipalities, businesses, academia and end-users.



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