Smart City is a globally used term to describe sustainable cities and communities, as well as modern societies in which economic, social and environmental values permeate everything they do and develop.

Building sustainable communities requires that resources be used effectively, that we meet the needs of inhabitants and that there is good economic growth. Along with urbanization and increasing populations, technological development is happening at a furious pace. Some of the developmental trends include Big Data, Internet of Things, ICT and digitalization. These are what we are building our future cities on.

Smart technology is creating new and better service options for inhabitants, more effective and smarter public and private operations, and presents enormous opportunities for business development. Cities are producing huge amounts of data which provide information and patterns which we have not been able to see before. Driverless electric busses and local energy markets hint at the ways in which society will develop.

Capitalizing on technological developments and societal changes, we work with infrastructures like Smart Buildings, Smart Water, Smart Health, Smart Governance and Smart Mobility, where technological solutions are creating new opportunities through integration, radical co-operation and innovation. We need to work together to reach the EU’s Climate objectives, to create economic growth and to increase inhabitant welfare. Getting there requires a unique quadruple helix mindset: the close co-operation of academia, the public sector, businesses and inhabitants.

This is Smart City

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It’s time to board the train, because it’s already rolling!
Ulrika Holmgren, Senior Advisor at Smart Innovation Norway