Farhan Farrukh

Researcher Smart Energy Technologies

Farhan is an Energy for Smart Cities engineer from European Institute of Technology (EIT). Farhan completed his first Masters in Energy Engineering from KU Leuven, Belgium and second in Electrical Engineering with focus on Smart Grids & Buildings from Institut Polytechnic de Grenoble, France.

Before joining Smart Innovation Norway, Farhan had worked as a Protection & Control design engineer for HV & MV networks in Asia & Middle East. Farhan has worked on various projects related to innovation in Energy sector, with also having experience of working on a startup initiative for providing a blockchain based platform for new Renewable Energy projects in Energy communities.

In his current position, Farhan is working as a Researcher for Smart Energy technologies with main focus on European projects for Energy sector. Farhan has particular interest to develop unique innovation business models using Deep learning & AI tools for smart Energy systems, Blockchain, Smart Grids and Energy Market knowledge.”



+47 960 03 052