Our R&I strategy and focus areas

The core competence of the R&I department at Smart Innovation Norway is the understanding of how digital technologies will change different business sectors and industries in several ways. We primarily work within the energy sector, and explore everything from how the end-user participates in the electricity market, to how power producers and networking companies can increase value creation by utilizing digital tools.


Large EU projects

These changes are about  to emerge at full force and are driven forward by techology development within Big Data Analytics, as well as an ongoing digitialization process of the power system.

The R&I department mainly focuses on larger international research projects and calls announced by the EU commission. With a very competent team of researchers, Smart Innovation Norway has succeeded with most of the company’s proposals, which is pretty impressive in such strong internationl competition.


Research partners

As part of the business cluster NCE Smart Energy Markets, our R&I team works closely with a lot of different companies, which is the key to research-driven innovation. When new research projects are announced, the ideas are first processed with the R&I department, before potential project partners are contacted.

We use our cluster network to find competent collaboration partners that are experts within their field. It does not matter if they are big or small, as long as they are good at what they do and can deliver what is asked of them.

Smart Innovation Norway’s Research & Innovation department works with both national and international research projects, and mainly focuses on renewable energy and new business models for the digital energy age.