SIGNIFICANT RESEARCH: Smart Innovation Norway researcher Bryan Pellerin (left) and International Project Manager Joseph Negreira discuss the FLEXGRID project. (Photo: Mari K. Buckholm)


New Horizon 2020 project:

“FLEXGRID provides important insight”

In October 2019, Smart Innovation Norway’s latest Horizon 2020 project, FLEXGRID, began. The project builds on several large EU projects and INVADE is one of them.

By Mari Kristine Buckholm, 13th of January 2020

“The same way that INVADE looks at using flexibility in batteries to accommodate more renewables onto the grid, FLEXGRID looks at easing that process by proposing market structures for batteries and different asset owners to trade their flexibility. So, grid operators can go to this market and get whichever flexibility is the best. That is the goal – and the challenge”, says Bryan Pellerin, researcher at Smart Innovation Norway.
He adds:

“The idea of FLEXGRID is for universities to develop future scenarios and future models on a more advanced scale. Looking ten years down the line, what could this look like? That is what the project is trying to do”.

Expertise from different projects

FLEXGRID is an EU Horizon 2020 project which started in October 2019 and is to be concluded in September 2022. It is coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens. The project has 12 partners; several academic partners from different countries, a few commercial partners, as well as Smart Innovation Norway, which is in between.

The consortium was built by looking at some of the bigger European projects in the field and putting together different expertise from these projects. INVADE is one of them and that is why Smart Innovation Norway is a part of the consortium.

“We participate in the project because FLEXGRID is building off of our experience from previous projects. EMPOWER was about local energy markets and INVADE was about flexibility, so it is well within our expertise and we have a lot to contribute with,” notes Pellerin.

High-quality research

Compared to what Smart Innovation Norway usually does, FLEXGRID is a research and innovation action that is earlier on in the research development phase.

“It is more focused on producing high-quality research, like research papers and publications, that can be used further on down the road,” explains Pellerin.

The fact that FLEXGRID represents earlier research work than the company typically does, provides Smart Innovation Norway with some new opportunities:

“On the H2020 scale, FLEXGRID is a small project, but it is good because we are working with a lot of new partners and we are getting insights that we could use in other projects. It will contribute to our innovation actions and it is a strategic advantage,” emphasizes Pellerin.

Project partners

  1. Institute of Communications and Computer Systems/National Technical University of Athens (Coordinator), Greece
  2. Etra Investigacion y Desarrollo SA, Spain
  3. Smart Innovation Norway AS, Norway
  4. Nord Pool Consulting AS, Norway
  5. NODES AS, Norway
  6. University of Cyprus, Cyprus
  7. University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Croatia
  8. Croatian Transmission System Operator (TSO) Ltd., Croatia
  9. WEMAG AG, Germany
  10. BADENOVA AG & CO KG, Germany
  11. Denmark Technical University, Denmark
  12. Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria

About the project

The goal of FLEXGRID is to facilitate energy sector stakeholders (DSOs, TSOs, ESPs and RESPs) to:

  • easily and effectively create advanced Energy Services (ESs),
  • interact in a dynamic and efficient way with their environment (electricity grid) and the remaining of the stakeholders, and
  • automate and optimize the planning and the operation of their ESs.

In this way, FLEXGRID envisages secure, sustainable, competitive, and affordable ESs.

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