Become a Smart Municipality

What’s needed to become a smart local community or city? Our Smart City program i suitable for both small and larger communities and cities.

This is because the program is developed in collaboration with both administrative and political municipal managements, and is regularly followed up by our dedicated Smart City team.

Would you like to hear more about how to become a smart municipality? Our specialized advisors are more than happy to visit you for an informal meeting to see how our Smart City program can make your municipality more efficient and better prepared to develop the smart digital communities of the future.

We look for opportunities to deliver more sustainable solutions to inhabitants, local business growth, closer cooperation between academia and society, and how you as a municipality or city can run the development of smart cities and communities.

Contact us:

Thor Moen

Head of Smart Cities & Communities

Ulrika Holmgren

Senior Advisor Smart Cities & Communities

Marianne Riddervold Kahrs

Senior Advisor Smart Cities & Communities