Who is a part of the steering group?

The NCE Smart Energy Markets steering committee consists of a selection of experts and employees in different organisations and businesses in Norway. These are the members: 
  • Knut Johansen, head of steering group, CEO at eSmart Systems. Contact: knut.johansen(at)esmartsystems.com
  • Stein Aamot, candidate of steering group, partner at Zacco. Contact: stein.aamot(at)zacco.com
  • Harald Holone, member of steering group, dean at Østfold University College. Contact: h(at)hiof.no
  • Olav Bardalen, observer of steering group, special advisor at Innovation Norway. Contact: olav.bardalen(at)innovasjonnorge.no
  • Stein Andre Larner, member of steering group, CEO at COM4. Contact: stein.andre.larner(at)com4.no
  • Jens Petter Berget, member of steering group, head of department for community development at Halden Municipality. Contact: jens-petter.berget(at)halden.kommune.no
  • Peter G. Trede, member of steering group, department head at Sarpsborg Municipality. Contact: peter.trede(at)sarpsborg.com
  • Anett Andreassen, member of steering group, director for digitalization and development at Statsbygg. Contact: anett.andreassen(at)statsbygg.no
  • Kjetil Ulvung Tufte, deputy head of steering group, Vice President Strategy and Business Development at Schneider Electric. Contact: kjetil.ulving-tufte(at)schneider-electric.com
  • Tom Skyrud, observer of steering group, special advisor at the Norwegian Research Council. Contact: tsk(at)forskningsradet.no
  • Charlotte Aschim, member of steering group, CEO at TotalCtrl. Contact: charlotte(at)totalctrl.no
  • Kjell Reidar Mydske, head of NCE Smart Energy Markets at Smart Innovation Norway. Contact: kjell.reidar.mydske(at)smartinnovationnorway.com
  • Thor Mosaker, observer of steering groupn, CEO at Smart Innovation Norway. Contact: thor.mosaker(at)smartinnovationnorway.com
  • Victoria Næss Jensen / Marianne Jansson Bjerkman, official reporter of steering group, project coordinator at Smart Innovation Norway. Contact: marianne.bjerkman(at)smartinnovationnorway.com / victoria.jensen(at)smartinnovationnorway.com