About NCE Smart Energy Markets

NCE stands for Norwegian Centres of Expertise – Norway’s most ambitious initiative to develop competitive and dynamic business clusters across national and international industries and sectors.
Become a member of the NCE cluster and get access to unique competences from a growing network.

Is your business prepared for the coming digital changes? Our network has competences that can give your business competitive advantages in the market.

There are 14 NCE qualified business clusters in Norway, and NCE Smart Energy Markets is one of them. Today, it is the fastest growing and most internationally oriented energy and ICT business in Norway, and has more than 72 members.

Powerful innovation engine

In 2009, the Smart Energy Markets cluster, led by Smart Innovation Norway, became a Norwegian Center of Expertise. NCE Smart Energy Markets has unique competences and knowledge within energy and digital technologies. It is a strong driving force of innovation, increasing public sector efficiency, creating business development and facilitating significant future market opportunities nationally as well as internationally.

Expert energy competence

Energy is central to cluster projects and has given rise to concrete competences and R&D development project experience both locally and abroad.

The PERMIDES project from EU’s Horizon 2020 program is a good example. In this project, the cluster transferred expert competences within digital technologies and Big Data Analytics from the energy sector to the new arena of Personalized Medication within cancer treatment. This is a collaboration between NCE Smart, NCE Oslo Cancer Cluster and four other international actors (Germany and Austria).

The cluster as a driver of change

NCE Smart Energy Markets is one of three chosen clusters among Innovation Norway’s large innovation projects, which will address Norwegian business transformation.

The purpose of the program “Cluster as driver of change” is to systematically share knowledge and technology from the best clusters and environments to other clusters and sectors in Norway.