The need for Big Data competence is urgent for businesses who seek to keep and increase their competitive advantages.

This fall, Høgskolen Østfold will address this need by providing a unique study for those interested in developing in depth knowledge of big data analysis and processing.

Society is becoming increasingly digitalized. More of our activities take place on digital platforms. According to IBM, 90% of all available data in the world was created during the last 2 years, making Big Data one of the most important competences businesses need to maintain and increase their competitive advantages.

At the same time, it’s increasingly important to be able to prepare data for analysis by categorizing and coding it. The program gives you the knowledge needed to handle and analyze large amounts of data, leading to better decision making, better competitive advantages, optimization of operations, stop and detect fraud and capitalization on totally new business areas.

No industry, cluster or business will go unaffected by Big Data developments. Those who build their competence, systems and actively use Big Data in their own business first will gain tremendous competitive advantages.

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Deadline May 15.

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